Monday, April 03, 2006

Last Taper Week - 6 sleeps to take-off!

Stats for Marathon Training

Total km for week ending 2 April = 55.13 (2nd week of taper)
Total km in training for ultra marathon = 1,165km
Total km in 2006 = 1,004km

Today I drove out to Mitchell and had my CR singlet and cap embroidered with my blog name. They turned out really well and I'm feeling quite excited now the ultra is so close. I now have to label my special drink bottles and buy some new socks. Then I'll be ready! Today was a rest day and tomorrow I have a 9km run after work. The temperature has definitely dropped and the mornings are quite chilly. I wore long sleeves to work for the first time today. Sunday forecast is for 2deg overnight but looks like it might be quite a pleasant day. I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that the conditions will be just right - no wind or rain preferably!


  1. No wind or rain? Guaranteed. No hills would be nice too especially after 30km, can you arrange to have them flattened? I look forward to hearing your supporters all cheering "go go blog-name". Can I run after you for the last 8km (of the 50) and see how many times you say under your breath "blog-name" as you struggle along?

  2. After your impressive training totals, I hope your condition is just right, and you perform really well.

  3. How exciting, is true!
    Great idea to put your's name blog on the cap!
    1000 km already and the year just started!