Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter at the Beach!

I hope everybody had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some sunshine. We drove to Vincentia in Jervis Bay at the South Coast and stayed in a lovely little B & B for three nights. It was such a lovely relaxing break and we even went for two swims at the beach. Yes, we had glorious weather - a bit windy in parts but mainly warm, sunny and very pleasant. We found a sheltered beach and enjoyed the blue blue water and the surf and the very white soft sand. We had a fantastic meal out on our first night with a dessert to die for (chocolate basket with mousse, cream & strawberries) - absolute heaven! Yes, Jen, chocolate has been tasting far too good this week and I'm now suffering from chocolate overload (if that's possible)! We did manage two runs so slowly I am returning to the training. We do have a half marathon to run in four weeks time after all. We drove back to Canberra via Berry today and visited a lovely gallery where we bought a beautiful framed photo of Vincentia to put on our wall so that we can drool over it in the middle of winter!

Friday 14 April (Good Friday) at 5.15pm - First run post-marathon

Distance: 7km
Time: 42:46
Average pace per km: 6:06
Calories: 414

Comments: It hurt. I can't pretend it was comfortable. I ran slowly and with caution. My legs felt heavy and I felt odd twinges in all sorts of places. It took about 5km before I finally felt a bit better. I ran with Mr B or should I say I kept him in sight. I couldn't run at his pace, my legs did not cooperate. However at least I have started and it was a pleasant time of day to run. We just made it back to our b & b as the bright red full moon moved into the horizon. It was very beautiful.
Sunday 16 April - Happy Easter and a longer run!
Distance: 12.35km at 4.30pm
Time taken: approx 69mins (52mins for 9km - Gandalf time)
Average pace per km: 5:49
Fastest km: 5:36
Comments: It took more than 3km before Gandalf found a satellite but fortunately Mr B had his watch with him so we could estimate the total distance. We ran from Vincentia to Huskisson Beach along varying degrees of undulating cycle tracks. Again it took me a fair while to reach my comfort zone but 12km is pretty good and I was happy to have done it. We left earlier so reached our b & b before it was too dark to see. We also managed to stretch on a tree while we could still see! It's so nice running near the beach and viewing that beautiful blue water and surf. Gee I love the beach.


  1. What a contrast to running on cycle paths back home.

    And nice and relaxing for your recovery runs.

    And I did hear from others that the water was warm enough for a swim.

  2. Wow, sounds like a wonderful weekend. I like Vincentia & Jervis Bay.

    BTW, I'm officially overloaded on chocolate too - back to the diet today!

  3. Nice you are already preparing for a half!!

    Good you enjoy the easter!

  4. I love that area, one of my favourite places and that's a great running track between the beaches.

    I can't believe your suffering chocolate overload though, I didn't think it was possible!

  5. The water is beautiful down there. So many nice secluded beaches and tracks to run on.

    Gandalf doesn't like being away from home.

  6. As posted on CJ's blog - Gee, you tell them (CJ & Strewth) to keep running if at all possible after the marathon, and to take advantage of having gone cold turkey on chocolate by not getting addicted again, and look at what they do? Well, best wishes as you resume training again.