Saturday, March 18, 2006

Short Saturday Run

Distance: 8km
Time: 46:31
Average pace per km: 5:49
Calories burned: 464

Comments: Just a fairly easy run with 6 x 100m strides in the last 3km to make it more interesting. Just after the 4km mark I bumped into a friend who was out walking after recovering from surgery in her foot. I walked with her for about a km before resuming my running. Then it was a quick dash home to watch the women's triathlon on telly. It was so exciting and later I watched the men's triathlon. Can't believe we won gold in both events and they were really great to watch. I was on the edge of my seat especially watching Robo in the men's event. He is truly amazing and I was so happy he achieved the bronze. Good to see a kiwi achieve the silver too! Tomorrow I have to run while the marathon events are happening which is a bit frustrating. I'm hoping someone will have taped the races. Now I must go to bed as it's an early start tomorrow!

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