Friday, March 10, 2006

Short Friday Run

Activity: Short Run 5.45am
Distance: 7.63km
Time: 45:32
Average pace per km: 5:58
Calories burned: 466

Comments: Ran gently in older shoes just to ensure knees are ok. Warmed up for about 15mins before running at a more reasonable pace. Knees felt ok after the initial warm-up although they still give me a bit of pain when I bend them or going upstairs or standing for a long time so I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll settle after a rest day tomorrow. I need to be fresh for the half on Sunday. My right glute was troubling me a bit but I certainly didn't push myself too hard this morning and it was good just to run a short run while the temperature was very pleasantly cool. I had a sports massage early this afternoon and oh boy that man can find places I didn't even know hurt before he massaged them. I had tight hamstrings, sore calves and ouch to my right glute - ow ow ow! However, I must admit he does a great job and he's very easy on the eye too which is a bonus!!

Later today it reached over 30deg. The funeral was very moving and extremely crowded. David lived an amazing life and it was so good to hear the stories people had to tell and to see such an incredible turnout from all walks of life.

Autumn is the loveliest time of year in Canberra. The nights are cool but the days are still reaching 30deg and gorgeous. Hopefully, as the half marathon on Sunday is run at 7.30am, the weather will still be cool. The forecast for Sunday is for 32deg!

Good luck to all those people running or walking the Six Foot Track tomorrow. Wow, what an adventure and amazing experience that would be! As, like speedygeoff, I suffer from vertigo it is not something I would ever have the courage to do and I do admire each and every one of those competitors.

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  1. Haha. Isn't it funny that you go into a massage complaining about one or two sore spots and you walk out knowing you have 5 or 6!

    Hope the niggles sort themselves out quickly for you. Good luck on Sunday!