Monday, March 27, 2006

speedygeoff's group at Parliament House

13 sleeps to Ultra

Distance: 10km
Time: 1 hour
Calories: 563

Session: 2 loops round Parliament House (about 1.7km each) then 5 x laps of the grassy stretch combined with path all the way down the front of Parliament House over the bridges across the bottom and up the other side (about 800m I think) and supposedly running fast UP the far side. Those UPs were tough. After 5 laps of this (in the case of Colin and David it was 6) we ran another warm down loop round Parliament House and speedygeoff, Ewen and I ran the remaining 600metres to make the distance 10km! There were a number of newcomers tonight and it was a good turnout. I met and chatted with a lady (girl) in my age group who has a much stronger kiwi accent than me. She's only been in Oz three years and she lived very near my home town. Instead of today I will have a rest day tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're coping with the no chocolate regime! I haven't had any real chocolate for 4 weeks now; it definitely gets easier.

    Sounds like SpeedyGeoff makes you work hard!

  2. Hnag there girl, I'm cheering you on!

    Stay healthy and foccussed. For tomorrow (or 10 April) you can eat, drink and be merry!

  3. We should have run 400m less for a nice round 9k.

    I measured that loop on Google Earth at 855 metres and I agree, the ups were not easy!

    At what age does a girl become a lady?