Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fartlek on Rolling Hills

Activity: Running with an effort at 5.30am
Distance: 12km
Time: 1hr 14mins 37secs
Average pace per km: 6:13 (like I said, it was an effort!)
Calories burned: 71

Session: 15mins warm up then 2 x [60secs effort/60secs float]; 4 x [30secs effort/30secs float]; 2 x [60secs effort/60secs float]; 4 x [30secs effort/30secs float]; 2 x [60secs effort/60secs float] on rolling hills then ran rest of distance.

Gosh, it was difficult to roll out of bed this morning. I was still tired from the previous evening's run. However the fartlek session at least gave me variety and the music on the ipod kept me going. I ran the Kaleen block twice, firstly in a clockwise direction, then I ran it in an anti-clockwise direction where I discovered quite a hill. In the entire ten years I have run that block this is the first time I have run it anti-clockwise. It was quite interesting and I will do that again. I had trouble staying awake at work this morning although I perked up after lunch. I didn't have a very productive day though.

Tonight at yoga there were three teachers assisting our leader. They were obviously in training and it was their job to take notes or help out in pushing our bodies into the correct poses. Obviously because they were watching our teacher decided that he should make us work extra hard and boy oh boy, some of those stretches really hurt. We did two shoulder stands and they were quite long ones too. My calf muscles and back hurt so much although we were being told the pain should be elsewhere.

I must finish this and go to bed. I am having difficulties keeping my eyes open.

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