Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Not-so-easy "Easy" Run at 10.15am

Distance: 8.01km (yes Ewen .01)
Time: 47:30
Average pace per km: 5:56
Calories burned: 457
Fastest km: 5:30

Comments: For an easy run I found it difficult. I woke to the sound of rain absolutely pelting down which was a good excuse to stay in bed a bit longer. Then the sun came streaming through the curtains so I knew I couldn't use that excuse much longer. Mr B decided to join me this morning but I think he was frustrated with my slow pace. My feet felt like leaden blocks on the ends of my legs and did not want to cooperate with my body. It took me about 6km before I felt in the slightest bit human. My back really ached and I'm wondering if it's a result of the massage yesterday. He really worked on my back and at the time it felt good but today has been quite painful. In spite of the extra sleep I was also feeling tired. Mind you it could all have been because I had only eaten a small banana and was hanging out for breakfast! Sustenance can make a difference to the energy levels. Tomorrow is a 30km run so I'm hoping I feel much much better than today!

On a good note we went to the sales today and bought a lovely duck down doona and doona cover for our bed. I'm looking forward to snuggling down under it tonight. Oh and I did NOT have a tim tam when the packet was waved enticingly in front of me this evening. This is day one of no chocolate until after the marathon. There, I've written it down so there's no backing out of it now!!


  1. No chocolate? That's a bit extreme don't you think ;-)

    Did you hear that Bromwyn Thompson hasn't eaten chocolate for 10 years. A Com Games gold medal isn't THAT important if you ask me! ;-)

  2. 10 years amazing

    3 weeks easy







  3. If I don't drink lots of water after a massage I am in agony the day after. Maybe you too?