Thursday, March 16, 2006

Battling a Headwind and Face to Face with a HUGE scary Spider!

Activity: A tough Middle distance run at 6pm
Distance: 20km
Time: 1hr 52mins 21secs
Average pace per km: 5:37
Fastest km: 4:47 at 13th km!
Calories burned: 1177

Comments: I headed out the door, after arriving home from work and changing into my running gear, straight into a strong head wind. It was a real struggle to reach the lake and once there the head wind stayed with me for the next few kilometres as well until it finally settled down and I settled into a reasonable pace. I even contemplated giving up in the first few kms as my legs felt heavy and I had to really push against the wind but I'm so glad I persevered. I had to stop at the loo after Black Pepper as my tummy was playing up. As I stood up to flush the chain I came face to face with the most enormous hairy FAT spider I have ever seen. I kid you not, it was as big as the palm of my hand and definitely well fed. Makes one wonder what it eats in that location - actually I prefer not to think about it. Instead I backed out of that loo exceedingly quickly. I'm glad I didn't know it was there watching me earlier!

Anyway, I continued on my run feeling better and felt reasonably strong after eating an 'orange burst' goo. I haven't tried that flavour before and it was really nice. At the 10km mark I had run for 56mins and felt comfortable. Then at 12km I met up with Mr B who had run down to meet me. That was a lovely surprise. Funny that my 13th km was at 4:47 pace! He only ran with me for a couple of km to the start of the tunnel after Giralang, then he waited while I ran an extra km further on and turned back to meet up with him and run the last 4km together. He really kept me going. I pretended I was running the last few kms of the marathon and made myself run well cos I was determined to stay with him. It was hard work and when I reached the front door I felt like throwing up! However, Mr B ran me a bath - a very rare event - and I loved it. Now my ankle really hurts so I'm sitting here with ice on it. I went to the physio today and all seems to be going ok apart from all the niggles which seem to occur after any effort.

Tomorrow I have a brekkie and a REST day from running - YES! I am so looking forward to a break. Saturday is a short run and Sunday I'm running 40km. I just need to find some company as my long distance partner is unwell. I'm looking forward to my bed tonight!


  1. That loo block is a rest home for hunstman spiders. There is usually one or two in there and I have seen up to 5 - it freaks me out!

  2. That was about the same pace as your half marathon race!

    Good luck on Sunday. You could always do a 2.195k warm-down ;)

  3. Are you timing your long run on Sunday to coincide with the Commenwealth Games Women's Marathon??