Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Countdown - 11 Sleeps!

Activity: Run at 6am
Distance: 10.27km
Time: 59:22
Average pace per km: 5:54

Comments: A pleasant morning although very dark. I tried to stay where there were street lights. I ran round the Kaleen block clockwise then the extra 4km anti-clockwise which is a lot more undulating. I had to watch my footing on the uneven paths but I actually quite enjoyed the run and felt comfortable after the initial warm-up. It's always difficult to start out early but it's also a good way to wake up properly for the day ahead!

Today I had a physio appointment and my physio's wife treated me as he is on holiday. She's also a physio and just lovely. She really worked on my ITBs and feet - hurt heaps at the time but felt really good afterwards.

Activity: Yoga
Some of those stretches really work on the calf muscles. It's very 'ouch' but it's probably the only way I would ever stretch properly - an hour and a quarter of stretching basically before a fifteen minute relax pose - very difficult to stay awake at the end.

Tomorrow I have to fly to Sydney for the day for a meeting so it will be the rest day (from running) that I would have otherwise had on Friday. Oops, I had better book the taxi for the morning!


  1. How can it be more undulating running in reverse. Is there fast erosion happening or something?

    Enjoy everyone of those sleeps!

  2. Hi Strewth! Thanks for visiting me, I couldn't open your blog before, I don't know why...
    Nice format you have to post, you aussie girls seem to be very organizated!

    mmmmmm a travel blog?? I am checking it!!

  3. 50km is a long way strewth...are you nervous?
    I wish you good luck and well deserved time!
    Cheers R2B

  4. I hope to see you out somewhere at the weekend practicing your 5:35 pace. As for me, I might try it over 4km on Saturday.