Monday, August 31, 2009

How can she possibly be turning 80??

It's about time I caught up with my blog. I think I'll just start from yesterday and forget the last few weeks. I'm too far behind now.
Yesterday was a fantastic adventure. I ran early (8km) instead of going to the Vets handicap today as Ewen and I decided to go for a road trip and visit LL in Mittagong for an early birthday surprise. As I leave for Noosa and the Gold Coast on Thursday, this weekend was my only opportunity to visit.
A few weeks ago I made a ladybird birthday cake for my grand-daughter and posted a picture on my blog. LL commented facetiously that she would like one of those for her 80th. Now, I thought about this and originally thought that I would make 80 cup cakes, one for every year and then I reconsidered. How would she cope with that many ladybugs, what if she didn't like them?? Thus it was that on Sat I made a mummy ladybird and lots of little babies instead. My girlfriend came over to help me decorate them and it was such fun.
After our respective runs on Sunday Ewen and I drove off to Mittagong to surprise LL. And surprise her we did. LL was in the shower when we arrived having just completed a 20km training run (she boggles my mind). Jim showed us inside to wait and this gave us an opportunity to set up the cake, cards and wee gifts in the kitchen for when she emerged. It was a wonderful reaction and we had such a lovely afternoon enjoying a cuppa, a ladybug each and a tour of her pretty garden. We also met their three beautiful little dogs. What a pretty location and what a great place to run. How can this lovely lady be turning 80? She is such an inspiration and a treasure. We just love her.
And as for running, today I went to training at Parliament House to join the speedygeese in about 14 x 200m sprints in relay teams of three - challenging, tough, exhausting but fun! Is that possible?
Total distance: 7km
Calories burned: 390


  1. That was a good day! Worth it just for the look on her face. And you're so clever - what a cake!

  2. I'm still wondering if it was all a dream.....until another little ladybird 'flies past' & then I know for sure it all really happened!

    Many, many thanks! I'll never forget the day.

  3. What a nice surprise, she looks very very happy.
    I spent some days in Cortona ... do you remember it?