Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year One and All!

And oh boy it's hot in Canberra. I have all the fans going in the house as we don't have air conditioning and I just ran outside to rescue the washing as a very heavy rain storm just swept through and lasted all of ten minutes. The sun has returned again and the temp has risen once more - a good "inside" kind of day as the wind has picked up and it's looking like "fire risk" weather out there. Last night we celebrated the New Year at a bbq party with lots of champagne and consequently things are moving a little slowly today. Fortunately my program gives me a rest day so I will willingly cooperate! It's too hot to do much else anyway.

Tuesday 27 December - Sydney
Activity: Run 7pm
Distance: 9.40km
Time: 51.42
Average pace per km: 6:13
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 213bpm
Fastest km: 5.13
Calories: 430

Comments: Gandalf had trouble finding a satelite so the reading is not entirely accurate. The humidity was high and it was difficult to run at any pace even at that time in the evening. It was so hot. We ran round Double Bay and to Rose Bay but stopped short of Heartbreak Hill. No way were we going to attempt that. This week is supposed to be an easy week and all the runs are supposed to be at an easy pace so that's what they'll be, although I have to say there are a few undulations in that location!

Thursday 29 December
Activity: Run 7.45pm
Distance: 9km approximately
Time: 49:09
Average pace per km: 6:12
Fastest km: 5:05
AHR: 163bpm
MHR: 219bpm
Calories: 449

Comments: Again Gandalf struggled with the satellite and it kept dropping out during the run so again there is not an accurate reading. We ran a slightly different route to yesterday going in and out the streets of Double Bay before running on to Rose Bay where we did some more exploring. It was still incredibly humid even this late and back in the hotel I could literally wring out my running gear. Later in the evening we enjoyed the luxury of a spa - mmmmm, heaven.

Saturday 31 December - back in Canberra
Activity: Run - A "crash and burn" event!!
Location: From home to and round Lake G with an extra km at the end to make up the distance!
Distance: 16:06km
Time: 1hour 40mins
Average pace per km: 6:15 (see excuse in comments)!
AHR: 145bpm
MHR: 222bpm
Calories: 959

Comments: Well, what can I say - a disaster of a run but I ran the scheduled distance for the program at least and still within the "easy" pace which is supposed to be between 5:58 and 6:17 per km for me. I was to meet Jon at 8.30am at Black Pepper and run the rest of the distance with him. Just as I reached the 5km mark and the start of the lake I tripped or slipped (no idea how) in the gravel where they are doing some "improvements" to the track! Yes, I used my hands to stop the fall (a natural life preservation technique I think) but landed whammo on my chest managing to stop my face hitting the ground at least. I lay there winded for a minute and a bunch of nice ladies came up to check on my welfare. I stood up and walked slowly for a few minutes and forgot to stop Gandalf, I might add, which may account for some of the lack of speed. My knee was dripping blood, I had grazed elbows, hands and leg but all surface wounds and in a few minutes I continued on my way to meet Jon. A few odd looks were sent my way but I made the rendez-vous on time and we continued on our run after a quick detour to the next loo so that I could make myself look a little more respectable and wash some of the surplus mud and blood off me. We ran at a slow pace, it was hot and I was hurting a bit (probably the pride was wounded as much as anything) and I drank every scrap of my water. At the end we went up to the mall where we met CJ and Mr B for a drink in the coolness of the mall. Mind you that was rather a public place and I was met with a few more weird looks but gee, the coffee was good! CJ has updated my ipod with heaps of great running music. I'm looking forward to my next run on Monday to test it out.

I'm glad I fell on the last day of the year and not the first as one of ladies who stopped told me that she fell on the first day of 2005 and seven more times that year - ouch!


  1. Something about the silly season, running and gravel. I tripped over on Christmas eve last year just so my relatives could prove how dangerous my past time is, lol.

    Thanks Strewth, Happy New Year to you and your husband as well.

  2. Heavy rain storm in Kaleen? Nothing in Holt. Send it this way. Please!!!

  3. Happy New Year !

    Sorry to hear about the fall - but as you said, better to fall on the last day of the year than the first !