Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day - A good time to relax and update my blog!

After an exhausting but lovely Christmas I will briefly update my blog since last Tuesday. I keep nibbling at all those yummy leftovers. As usual I over-catered and although there were ten of us for dinner last night I had enough food to feed twenty! At least I won't have to do much food shopping for a while. As we're off to Double Bay in Sydney for a few days tomorrow (woo hoo - that sounds so fancy but we found a good deal - it will be so lovely) I expect I will be freezing lots of meat for our return.

Tuesday - North Lyneham
Activity: North Lyneham run with speedygeoff's group
Distance: 9.35km
Calories: 520
AHR: 159bpm
MHR: 207bpm
Comments: Hot, dusty, hilly, ouch! I arrived late so only managed 1.19km for the warm-up before meeting the others on the uphill. Our main set was 6 x 800m with 80secs sprints at the start of each hilly loop. This was on 5 minutes including rest which meant I could make it (just) before starting the next loop and it gave the others a decent rest! We ran the warm down (definitely NOT cool-down) of 3.19km at the end.

Activity: Run at 6am
Distance: 10:70km
Time: 61:31
Average pace per km: 5:44
AHR: 162bpm
MHR: 226bpm
Fastest km: 5:30
Calories: 653

Ran a 10mins warm up then 3 x 30secs sprints followed by 3 x 60 secs sprints with 1 min rest between each. I had my feet strapped again on Tuesday and they were a bit sore at the start but improved. Mr B accompanied me although he didn't do the sprints. We managed to lose each other as I went back a slightly longer way which meant we were a little late for brekkie with CJ.

I finished work at 12noon and after that I hit the shops and spent 8 hours shopping organising last minute bits and pieces. I was so tired. Dave had a 2 hour sleep while I went to Belconnen. We were supposed to go to friends for a party/drinks but had to opt out. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Instead Dave went back to do the food shopping from midnight and arrived home at 2.30am! Tomorrow he'll go the fruit and vege market while I go for my long run.

Saturday - Christmas Eve
Activity: Very slow long Run
Distance: 24.28km
Average pace per km: 6:19 (oh dear)
AHR: 153bpm
MHR: 226bpm
Calories: 1499

Comments: Oh dear, how bad did I feel. I had to drag myself out of bed in plenty of time to be out the door before 7am. My strapped feet felt numb. My legs felt slow and I was running very tired. I even contemplated giving up at the 10km mark but I knew I would be cross with myself if I did that and besides Jon was meeting me at 9am to run the last part of the run round the lake with me. It was a very slow sojourn out towards Gungahlin and back for 10km then on past the shops and down to Lake G. I was in plenty of time to meet Jon and we continued round the lake and on for another kilometre just to make up the distance. At least it felt better for that last 8km having some company as my ipod needs revamping and I had to run the long part soundless apart from my breathing. CJ will update it for me while I'm away and I'm hoping that will make me forget each step which I certainly felt on this run! If I am going to run the Ultra in April I had better persevere and up the pace a bit but today I was just all worn out from the hectic build-up to Christmas.

Speaking of - I do hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas day and that you were thoroughly spoilt (like me). Stay safe and healthy and fit. I am packing my running gear and swimmers. Aaah, I can smell the sea already!

Right now, I think I may go for a bike ride and work off some off this excess food!!
Later - Yes, I went for that bike ride as follows:
Activity: Cycle 6pm
Distance: 17.86km
Time: 53mins
Location: To and round Lake G and home via Kaleen shops
Av speed: 20kph
Max speed: 32kph
Calories: 319
Comments: It was still hot in the early evening tho there was a bit of a headwind as we approached the lake. I'm still tired but at least we burnt a few calories although tonight there were lots of leftovers to eat and while there's all this yummy food in the fridge, including chocolate, I'm likely to eat too much of it! It's a good thing we're leaving our house (and our fridge) for a few days tomorrow!

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  1. Oh leftovers, when will they go away. I've had so much chocolate I think I might pop.

    Nice workouts.