Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hill Repeats
Activity: Cycle 6am
Distance: 19:42km
Location: Ginninderra Drive
Time: 59mins
AHR: 124bpm
MHR: 155bpm
Caloris: 367
Max pace: 45kph

Comments: A pleasant morning although a bit cool on the arms to start and there was a headwind on the downhills. I rode 5 x hill repeats on Ginninderra Drive but next week when I practise that course I will aim to leave home 15minutes earlier and fit in 6 repeats before the traffic makes it difficult to cross the road for the downhill returns. The day turned out to be lovely and sunny later. I'm sitting here nodding off while my Christmas cake is cooking. Mr B is already asleep in the beanbag watching telly! How on earth will I stay awake till midnight when the cake is cooked. Oh dear!

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