Monday, December 19, 2005

Blog Update (again!)
Why is life so hectic at this time of year? It becomes impossible to keep up-to-date with everyday life when work and Christmas deadlines take over. However I will now attempt to update my blog yet again at least to bring me briefly up-to-date from last Tuesday when I last did an entry here.

Wednesday - Final Yoga session for the year
It was a great session - such good sessions, shoulder stands, new techniques of stretching. Now we have to wait until February before regular classes resume. I do enjoy this type of Yoga - Yoga Mandir - Iyengar Yoga. I believe it helps me learn to stretch and relax more even for only a couple of hours a week.
Friday - a short brief swim
Activity: Short swim
Distance: 800metres!
Comments: I started late and only managed 800m in the time frame but I guess a little exercise is better than no exercise.
Yesterday I went to the physio and he has told me what I already suspected. I have Bilateral plantar fasciitis. I have had pains in the bottoms of my feet for a few months and it's most noticeable early in the mornings or in normal shoes (not running shoes). Sometimes it can be quite painful. The physio, Graeme, who is a triathlete and really nice too, strapped both my feet tightly and gave me some exercises and an appointment for next Tuesday. I have to run my long run with my feet strapped to test it. He also recommended I change my running shoes - something else I suspected might be the cause. I love my bright coloured Foster tri shoes but they don't have the support of the Asics shoes I was wearing previously. Rats! They are such pretty shoes too!!
Saturday - Long Run
Distance: 22.59km
Location: Towards Gungahlin along cycle track then back to Kaleen and down to Lake G
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 209bpm
Best km: 5:28
Average km pace: 5:48
Calories: 1350
Met up with Jon at Lake G to run the last 7.6km with him round the lake. I left home at 7am, met up with Jon at 8.30am and we met up with CJ and our other halves for coffee at Black Pepper at 9.30am after we finished our respective 22km runs. It was a good run and felt reasonably comfortable even with my feet strapped. I ran in my Asics Gels 2100 which I used to wear prior to my Foster tri shoes. They have only had a couple of months wear so will last a few more weeks. Gee I was tired later after spending the rest of the day shopping, tidying and starting Christmas cards. That night we went to H & T's Christmas bash and I drank far too many banana daquiris - very yummy at the time but a bit sad and sorry next morning!
Sunday - no exercise unless you count several hours spent walking round the shops Christmas shopping! A little slow in the morning but managed to write out all my very late Christmas cards and sort out all the pressies, calendars etc for very late posting!
Monday -
Morning activity: Swim
Distance: 1km
Time: 27:30
Location: Civic Pool
Comments: Met up with CJ at RBB for brekkie. She has this week off work and I was first on her long list for today. I wish I didn't have to work this week. I whizzed out during the morning to line up in the PO for well over an hour but I was lucky as another girl in my office had just reached the start of the queue in her lunch break when the PO was evacuated as there was a suspicious looking parcel discovered. It was closed for the rest of the day!
Evening activity: Run
Locality: Parliament House
Distance: 8.77km
AHR: 157bpm
MHR: 214bpm
Calories: 481
Comments: There was quite a big turn out at speedygeoff's group tonight. Mr B cycled from work to join us too. We had the usual warm-up loop then ran a trial 720m loop to show the route to those who hadn't run it before. This particular course includes one short steep grassy hill and another long steep grassy hill which just seems to go on forever. Just after the first hill we stopped at the fitness track and did 3 push-ups on the bars before facing the second hill. Yes, it's tough. We had to then run it as fast as possible for 5 more repeats on 5 minutes. This created a decent rest for most of the group but for the slower runners (ie me) the break was pretty short! However I managed all the repeats and then we ran a cool-down loop (I never quite understand why it's called a cool down, I always feel quite hot at the end until we have stood round for a while stretching).
So Monday has ended and a new week has begun - countdown to Christmas = 6 days!


  1. you won't tell the others about the cooldown loop really being more training, will you? I thought I had everyone fooled.
    thanks for the chrissy card, you're great!

  2. How crazy is this time of year? Between work, social functions, exercise and shopping, there isn't much time for anything else !

    I'm glad to hear that strapping your feet helped during your long run on the weekend.

    Best wishes for the holiday season and thanks for all your support throughout the year !

  3. Things this time of year are crazy! I'm tired just reading your blog. Great training, keep it up.

  4. Sounds like that Parly House session was a good one to miss.

    A pity about the pretty shoes being blamed for the PF. Look after that injury - it can hang around for a while. See you in '06.