Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Morning Activity: Cycle
Distance: 17:79
Time: 49mins
Max pace: 35kph
AHR: 123bpm
MHR: 148bpm
Calories: 335

Comments: Quite slow but pleasant ride. Tonight was our Christmas client party at The Deck (FlashDuck's favourite venue) and we were lucky that, although a storm swept through briefly, by the time most of the guests arrived there was no wind, the rain stopped and we could mingle outside on the deck. It really was very pleasant.

Wednesday - Work off that champagne!
Morning Activity: Run 6am
Location: Kaleen block
Distance: 6km
Time: 34:40
AHR: 162bpm
MHR: 230bpm
Calories: 346

Comments: Oh boy that was a tough run. My legs felt like lead and I felt just a tad blah - may have been those three glasses of champagne last night mixed with junk food extremus! Mmmm, I definitely needed to run it off and felt marginally better for having done so! Mr B and I drove in to RBB to meet CJ for brekkie after her swim! However, the swim didn't happen as she slept an extra hour but we had an enjoyable brekkie anyway with a few extra friends who I had forgotten I had already arranged to meet! The more the merrier and it was a good start to mid-week madness!

Evening Activity - Yoga
Comments: Aaaah yoga. The best part is that last ten minutes - the relaxation bit. It is seriously heaven. The stretches hurt but it was good pain and we learnt a few new ones. I stayed up in my shoulder stand for longer than I have in the past. We only have one week to the end of the term. I'll be booking in for next year into Beginners 2 - progressing one level. Our teacher, Polly, has suggested that two terms of Beginners 2 is a good idea before progressing to CJ's level 1 class. Sounds good to me!

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  1. Oh I love your banner!

    I'm very impressed that you got out of bed early to train the morning after a Christmas party! I never seem to be able to manage it ;-)