Monday, December 05, 2005

Start of a new week and the sun is shining!
Woo hoo - my header has worked - thank you Susan. It's really cool!! At first nothing seemed to happen but as I was editing my previous post it suddenly appeared. How exciting. I want to keep looking at it!

Morining Activity: Swim
Distance: 1.1km
Location: Civic Pool

Comments: The pool was really busy this morning. I practised breathing both sides for the last 100metres in the cool down. I'm not exactly speedy but it always feels good to start the week with a swim.

Evening Activity: Run with speedygeoff's training group
Location: Parliament House
Distance: approx 9.3km
Time: Approx 50mins
AHR: 155bpm
MHR: 231bpm!

Comments: This was one tough training session! After the warm up (a loop and a half with a bit of a maze in between) I stopped Gandalf and forgot to restart him on the next loop. I think I missed approximately 2km before I remembered to press "start" again. We ran a hilly loop to practise it then repeated it 8 more times - boy it was tough. The first part of the loop was a nice downhill slope but then came the killer grassy hill or hills really as it went up and up with a little break for a path inbetween. Ouch - it was hard. Then we ran a 1.6km warm down. It was very hot running tonight. The temps have risen and today was 27deg. Tomorrow the forecast is for 31deg - summer has arrived and the sky is finally blue! My intention is to go for a cycle in the morning. I have a client Christmas party at 5.30pm so won't be able to train at North Lyneham tomorrow night, probably just as well cos it will be very hot indeed and loads more hills!


  1. Yay - it looks great. Swimming and running in one day - you and CJ are nuts! That's a super high MHR - it must have been really tough.

  2. I think Susan has got us worked out - we are nuts!!! I went cycling this morning and plan on running 12km after work - but not at Nth Lyneham - too hilly for my glute.

    I miss the Monday morning brekkies too - maybe I'll have to comein specially for those!

  3. Fantastic New Header.
    Looks really great.

    Keep up the training, I thought of you while shopping yesterday, they had at Woollies, a double pack of Tim-Tams packaged with Tim-Tam Mugs.