Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another scorcher!
Morning activity: Cycle
Distance: 17:85
Time: 49mins
Location: Home to and round Lake Ginninderra
Calories: 300 at least cos forgot to turn Gandalf on for first 9mins
AHR: 125bpm
MHR: 228bpm
Av sp: 21.7kph
Max speed: 35kph
Comments: Just a gentle cycle from home and round the lake on a lovely morning. A little cool early but soon warmed up. There were lots of people out there walking with babies and dogs and running round the lake. It was very pleasant.

Evening Activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: North Lyneham hills
Distance: 9:09km
Time running: 52mins
Calories: 558
AHR: 151bpm
MHR: 217bpm
Comments: Arrived 5 mins late but met up with Sarah and we ran for 2km until we met up with the rest of our group running in the opposite direction. We then did 5 x 80sec sprints on 4 mins which means we jogged back to the start after 80secs then took off again, at least Sarah and I ran back to the start after the 80secs sprints but the others managed an 800m loop in that time. Sarah and I completed the 800m loop on the last lap before doing a warm down of the 3.1km hilly loop. It was hot, dusty and exhausting but a good session with just Colin, speedygeoff, Jenny, Sarah, Maria and me. We came across a large group of young netballers who were training on one of the killer hills - lots of repeats. They looked jolly hot! The time of year is catching up with me - I am so tired. One good thing that happened today is that I was emailed the yummy mushroom pate recipe from Sat's bbq - it was so delicious and looks very easy - will be good for Chrissie!

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  1. Great workout - I love the pictures below too.