Monday, January 30, 2006

Ten Weeks to Go! Focus - Endurance and Anaerobic Threshold

Activity: speedygeoff's running group 5.30pm
Distance: 13.01km
made up of 7:33km tough session followed by 5.68km slow warm down
Location: Parliament House and surrounds
Calories burned: 784
Temperature: Reached 37deg today!

Comments: Yes, it was hot and yes it was another one of speedygeoff's tough hill sprints. This time after our warm up we ran 5 x 800m loops on between 5 and 6 minutes including rest and the loops incorporated long tough hills. We have done that session before a few weeks back but not in this heat. It was definitely tough. During the day I had managed to consume 2 litres of water and I took water and gatorade with me to sip at between loops. After our warm down back to the start we had only run 7.33km and although I felt completely stuffed, Gary (Griffin), Ewen (Wombat) and I went for another warm down to make up a few more kilometres. Now, my program called for 12km easy and I figured as I had done 7 tough km that 10km would suffice but it was not to be. Wombat led us down to the lake and near the yacht club then back through the hilly paths of Parliament House grounds again and to the start. It ended up being 13.01km altogether. We ran the last few kilometres at my pace (very gently) which was considerate of those very fit boys. They were great company and I felt very virtuous at the end for having run that far. Mind you I'm a bit worried about the Cross Country Run tomorrow afternoon as my left foot is hurting again. I'm using the golf ball while I'm writing this and have a physio appointment on Friday. I also have a very sore toe on my right foot - I think I may lose a toenail soon. All these little niggles are character building!


  1. It was considerate of Griffin to slow down to our pace. You ran those hills hard too. At least we got to experience the cool change. That last .01km seemed to take forever!

  2. Hey Strewth, I have just figured out how to put links into comments!

    For example I can link to an FD post like this one.

    Good eh!

    Not as easy as links in your posts, though.

  3. Pretty cool speedygeoff and cool that I can actually work out the links in my posts at last thanks to you. Cool runners rule - yay!!