Sunday, January 22, 2006

Long Slooooow Distance!

Activity: Run 7.15am
Distance: 34:01km
Time taken: 3hours 33mins
Average pace per km: 6:20
Temperature: 32deg
Fastest km: 5:44
AHR: 154bpm
MHR: 204bpm

I found it much tougher than last week. I think I started out a little late as the conditions were very very hot. I took a full load of drink bottles but it wasn't enough even though I filled up at the ferry terminal and found a water bubbler outside the Treasury Building on the last leg - wonderful.

I ran the first 1.5 hours alone setting off from the yacht club with ipod blaring and Gandalf nagging me to go faster. Just after the ferry terminal under Commonwealth Ave bridge I had arranged to meet Jon and found him waiting there with The Hare who had just started his long run and bumped into him. Fantastic - I had company for longer than I thought. Jon ran with us for 5km and The Hare continued on with me for 1 1/2 hours which was such a help.

There are always interesting little happenings on those runs out in the wop wops. This time it wasn't a snake we saw, it was a frill necked lizard. How absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen one before. It stayed quite still lifting its head with its beautiful eyes till The Hare touched its tail gently and it rustled off into the undergrowth - a delightful interlude. We ran out past the Boat House and Molonglo Reach then on to Jerrabomberra Wetlands which links up with the cycle path again and goes on to Kingston. Just about at the Kingston Markets Mr B turned up on his bike and when The Hare left me back at Commonwealth Bridge Mr B continued accompanying me on his bike which kept me going cos by that stage I was really struggling with the heat. We ran past the National Library and Treasury Building (where I found the bubbler) and along part of the marathon route just to try to increase the distance before turning and continuing back to the yacht club. As we were still 3km short of my distance I continued on for 1 1/2km past the yacht club up those hills which felt like mountains at that stage before turning and returning to the yacht club. Once back there I took off my socks and shoes and went into the lake. It was bliss. In fact it was so good in that water that I went right in to my waist so it was a good thing I had a change of clothes and a towel in the car. I didn't want to get out. I can't believe I fell in love with the lake water!! Anyway, after the run we all met up at Yarralumla at Beess & Co for coffee and brekkie. Boy it was good!


  1. It was tough running on Saturday - it got really hot quite quickly. While I found my run hard going I will probably continue doing my long runs out htere because it is good got leg strength, not to mention mental strength - I will not let Evil CJ talk me into things!

    By the way, you've been tagged!hehehe!

  2. Reading back on my previous comment, it looks like I've been drinking!!!!! What I meant was, it is good for leg strength!

  3. Good running. Far short of the target marathon pace, I see, but the extreme heat means you are adapting to what a faster marathon will feel like. I was exhausted today after only 20k and stood under a cold shower before lying down on a wet towel under a cold air conditioner and drinking large quantities of water, I had lost over 2 kilos in sweat in under 2 hours. To go for 3 1/2 is awesome.

  4. Thanks CJ. I have just spent 1 1/2 hours trying to do this blog. I had a great photo of a lizard and the map of the route and it wouldn't let me publish them but said there was something wrong with the html font?? I know nothing about html so have had to give up on the photos and my blog looks very very boring now cos I can't edit it. I will look at the tag tomorrow when I'm feeling less cranky.

  5. Hey, there was only one comment when I started typing!

    send me the lizard and i will post it on my blog?!

  6. Great run! The water sounds so cool & refreshing.....I can't wait for winter to end and things to warm up around here!

  7. I'm in love with the lake water for swimming after our long runs. Who cares about the blue green algae? Next time make Gandalf start out at 6:20ks and he won't be nagging you all the way!