Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hot (very hot) Tuesday

Morning activity: Short Cycle
Distance: 11km
Time: 34minutes

Comments: My bike had a mind of its own. I had trouble getting out of bed so started a bit too late to do a decent length ride but my cycle headed for the lake and when I reached The Lighthouse restaurant I did a loop of the skate rink and returned the way I had come. I had intended to cycle past the lake but my bike had other ideas! However I wish I had risen earlier and had time to cycle further as it was a lovely time of day, far better than later! It's a shame I can't cycle to work but I have a work car so have to keep it available for use during the day.

Afternoon activity: Run with speedygeoff's group
Location: North Lyneham hills
Distance: 10:02km
Temperature: 36.4degrees - damn hot!!
Calories burned: 628
Fastest km: a slow 5:52
AHR: 159bpm
MHR: 207bpm

Comments: What can I say? - over 36 degrees - very little shade, virtually no breeze, hilly and dusty. Oh boy, it was tough. 7 hardy souls turned up for training and fortunately speedygeoff was gentle on us. We ran one loop to warm up (just in case we weren't warm already - ha ha) then a main loop in the other direction, then a warm down (NOT a cool down) loop with just 3 of us left at this stage. It was sooooooooo hot, no speed was obtained but at least we managed 10km. Griffin had the foresight to take an esky and lots of ice to training and we all put our drink bottles in it so that we could have nice cold drinks during the course of the run - great idea Griffin, it really helped! I did spend 10 minutes lifting weights on the swiss ball while I was still warm (hot) at home afterwards before my shower. Boy, it was tough tonight in that heat!


  1. Strewth,

    Sure was a scorcher tonight wasn't it!

    Thanks for running the last lap with us, I thought Geoff and I were going to have to run it on our own.

    Well done on a pretty hectic week so far, and it is only Tuesday .

    Love the photo of your new runners, hopefully they should be just right for the Ultra in April.

    Yours in Running Writing


  2. Great job getting out there in the heat. 36.4 is HOT!

  3. Good to see that you were looking after the hydration, in the hot weather.

    You'll have to hydrate in the Ultra, so don't forget hydration during your training runs.

    And if your'e thinking of anything other than water, practice with the intended drinks.