Saturday, January 14, 2006

Swans, Kangaroos and a SNAKE

This fitness lark provides some interesting sights. I forgot to say that last Tuesday when Griffin, speedygeoff and I were running our warm down lap in the stinking heat at North Lyneham hills we came across a family of very curious kangaroos - daddy, mummy and baby joey. They all stopped to have a look - so did we! They looked so beautiful on the horizon very close by and once they leapt away (wish I could move that fast) so did we! Somehow it made the hot dusty training run all worthwhile. It was lovely.

Then yesterday afternoon after work Mr B and I went to the lake at Yarralumla Bay for a short swim so that I could get the feel of the lake before the triathlon on Sunday. It was quite cool as the wind had picked up but the water was just beautiful - really warm. We only swam about 600m as I just wanted to gain a little confidence. Just as we approached the shore on our return lap a large group of black swans, big and small, sailed close by. They were so pretty and graceful.

Saturday's Long Run
Distance: 30:02km
Time: 3hours 1 minute 56seconds
Average pace per km: 6:04
Calories burned: 1877
AHR: 153bpm
MHR: 227bpm
Fastest km: 5:35

Comments: I met Jon at the yacht club at 7am and he ran with me for about 5km then slowed down as he was struggling with the heat. He did run about 13km and walked the other 2km back to the yacht club. We met up at the ferry terminal before running in different directions. I had my ipod for company and continued on under Kings Avenue bridge and on past the Boat House and Molonglo Reach where we have one of our vets handicap runs. Just before reaching Molonglo Reach a long black snake slithered across my path. I was running on the dry grass and jumped in fright. After that I ran on the cycle track or gravel and avoided the grass. I have never encountered a snake in such close proximity before. About another km further on Mr B cycled up and rode with me for the last 9km back to the yacht club. It is certainly easier with company even if he did say "shoulders back, elbows out, keep up the pace" when all I wanted to do was slow down. However I didn't feel too bad and was very pleased to run the full 30km in just over 3hours. Jon, Mr B and I went for coffee and brekkie at Babars in town. It was lovely - great coffee and plenty of water. It was very hot even at that time of day and reached 33deg fairly early. Tomorrow I'm doing a short distance triathlon - hope my legs will work for me. I feel very tired now.


  1. A snake? OMG. They didn't you tell about that in running lesson 101 did they ;-)

    Good luck tomorrow Strewth. Your training has been going really well. Have fun!

  2. Wasn't it warm yesterday morning? You had a good run - 6.04 kms is a good average pace for 30k. I saw a snake on the narrow part of the bikepath near Duntroon once - similar to this one.

  3. That looks just like the snake I saw Ewen - scary as!!