Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tempting Tuesday

I have given in to temptation and I'm eating a tim tam while writing this entry and it's yummy!

Activity: Run 6.50pm
Distance: 11km plus 6 x 100metre strides
Location: To and past Lake G and home via Giralang and Kaleen shops
Time: 51:30 for 9km (turned off Gandalf when I was adjusting ipod and forgot to turn it on for another km - most annoying but I know the distance for that particular route)
AHR: 158bpm
MHR: 226bpm
Fastest km: 5:33
Average pace per km: 5:53 (again approximate as I didn't turn off Gandalf when running strides and jogging after the 11km)

Comments: Well, I stuffed up that timing didn't I! I find it most frustrating when I turn off Gandalf and then forget to turn him back on as it mucks up all the average paces and total times - grrrr! However I know the distance from the route I have taken before. I was supposed to run 10km then the strides but it was 11km and I forgot to turn off Gandalf for the strides. Each stride was approx 100metres and I sprinted them then jogged about the same time repeating this 6 times. It was after 8pm when I arrived home to stretch and shower - far too late to be eating much as it tends to sit on your stomach. Mr B is out at squash tonight so I cooked myself an egg and a vegie burger followed by a tim tam - now that is probably not the most healthy meal known to man but I feel lazy! I did listen to Friar however and remembered to take plenty to drink for hydration tonight.

The official results of the triathlon are now on the website. I came 111th out of 159 but I also came 2nd in my age group. My times were 7:50 for the 300m swim, 20:12 for the 8km bike (including transition) and 10:48 for the 2km run giving me a total time of 38:50- not great, but at least it was better than last time by 4 minutes!

Footnote: I was given Paula Radcliffe's autobiography as a gift recently and am really enjoying it. There is a quote in it which I would like to share. It was said to her by her coach when she was a teenager. "Aim for the moon; even if you miss you'll land among the stars." What a great quote. I love it!


  1. It is a great quote.

    I ran my 10km plus strides tonight - it was a good run. This was followed by chocolate too!

    Tomorrow its 18km!

  2. That is a great book; I loved it!

    Tim tams are my favourite form of fuel for blogging :-)