Sunday, January 29, 2006

Veterans' Handicap

Distance: 6km race (actual distance 6.13km) plus warm down of 3.19km - total 9.32km
Time: 35mins for 6.13km
Locality: Campbell Park
Calories: 359
AHR: 156bpm
MHR: 215bpm
Average Pace per km: 5:48

Comments: It felt hot and I felt dehydrated, probably as a result of not hydrating enough after the triathlon yesterday - oops! I actually started out feeling thirsty, not a good start. The course was definitely hilly, especially the first half and I started off too fast - another mistake. I was in group 15 and came 79th - not a memorable attempt but it's all good training. The course was advertised as an 8km event but was actually only 6km which meant I really needed to run a few kms afterwards to make up a bit of distance. I went for a warm down run afterwards with speedygeoff following CJ and Griffin. However speedygeoff and I only ran an extra 3.19km as I wanted to be back in time for the presentations. Our friend Jon came 4th in the long course just missing out on a bronze medal.

After the run we went on to visit our friends at the long course Canberra Capital Triathlon and to buy a really nice cappucino! Later still Mr B, Jon and I went to the travel show at the Convention Centre and picked up lots of interesting brochures to whet the travel appetite!

Tomorrow is the start of Week 9 of the marathon training - that's half way! It sounds like a tough week ahead.

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  1. Is this week another easy week? I am not sure how many easy weeks in a row you can handle. How about planning for a very easy week instead?