Wednesday, January 11, 2006

speedygeoff's Parliament House running group

Mid-week Medium Run

Activity: Run at 6.30pm
Distance: 16:30km
Time: 1hr 29mins 22secs
Location: To and round Lake G and home via Giralang
Average pace per km: 6:06
Calories: 1001
AHR: 150bpm
MHR: 193bpm

Comments: The day started out really hot again - 34deg - but late in the afternoon a storm quickly swept through and cooled down the air considerably. By the time I ran it was grey, cloudy and a little cool - much better conditions. My body however was tired and my legs wouldn't move very fast. I had trouble with my ipod which kept dropping out and it seemed like the 16km would never become a reality. My left foot hurt and is still hurting so it looks like another visit to the physio. My schedule said 16km (I thought it was 18km so that was a relief) so at least I ran it but it wasn't a comfortable run. To make matters worse for some strange reason I can no longer download Gandalf onto the Motionbased program. It just doesn't connect. My IT daughter has gone to the coast for three weeks so I may have to call on my IT son in the weekend! Technology is great as long as it all works!

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  1. That photo looks like the cast from 'Survivor Panama - Exile Island'!