Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

Activity: Run
Distance: 6:68km
Calories: 420
AHR: 153bpm
MHR: 226bpm

Yes, I should listen to myself. I was a bit gungho and decided that I could easily run 10km without taking a drink - yeah sure. It was at least 31deg out there even at 6.40pm when I started my run. I ran 15minutes warm up and was already thirsty before starting on my hill sprints as follows:

2 x 60secs/60secs jog back down hill between each
4 x 30secs/30 jog
2 x 60secs/60 jog
4 x 30secs/30 jog
2 x 60secs/60 jog

Then I was supposed to warm down for 15mins but it was only about 8mins and although the schedule said 10km I only ran 6.68km and then ran home to have a very big drink! After that I did some weights (just chest presses and flies) on the swiss ball before enjoying a lovely refreshing shower and something to eat.

Talia, our 3 year old grand-daughter, with her new short hair cut!

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