Sunday, January 08, 2006

Short Kaleen Block on Saturday

Activity: Run 9.40am with Mr B
Distance: 6km
Time: 34:20
Average pace per km: 5:37
AHR: 177bpm
MHR: 229bpm
Calories burned: 368

Comments: It was hot and I have to really try to keep up to Mr B. Not my fastest time for that block but felt happy enough. I had an 8km scheduled but considering the long distance I have to run tomorrow and the nail appointment I had at 11am the 6km block seemed long enough to me!

Sunday at the Lake

Activity: Run 7.45am
Distance: 26.02km
Location: From Yacht Club round the full circuit of Lake Burley Griffin including twice round the two bridges - Kings Avenue and Commonwealth - then back to the yacht club and out for another 1.4km to make up the 26km distance!
Time taken: 2hours 40minutes 44seconds
Average pace per km: 6:10
Calories burned: 1642
AHR: 147bpm
MHR: 222bpm
Fastest km: 5:35

Comments: Met Jon at the yacht club and ran slowly chatting for the first 5km then we picked up the pace a bit. Left Jon at the ferry terminal as he was then heading back to the yacht club. I continued on alone with Gandalf and ipod music for company as I had another 13km to run. Running alone is so much better with fast music. Although I ran the two bridges part of the loop twice I still ended up back at the yacht club after 24.63km so had to continue running a bit further as my schedule stated 26km and so that's what I did! Yay! Didn't feel too bad at all. The pace was probably a tad slow although it was between the suggested pace level. However I do think we ran a bit slow at the start. That can be rectified next time. Met up with Mr B and his running companion at the end as they had just run the two bridges although I didn't see them at all on the run. Jon, Mr B and I then went for the all-important coffee at Black Pepper which has re-opened after the Xmas break and met up with CJ there. Boy, her poor knees look rather the worse for wear after her bad fall yesterday. She was unable to run and they certainly look very sore. Later in the afternoon Mr B, CJ and I went to the Runners' Shop to purchase much-needed new running shoes. Now, I have my fingers crossed that this will help alleviate the pain in my feet!

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  1. Another great run Strewth - there is no better way to finish a run than with a coffee.

    Take it easy with your knees. I hope the new shoes help !