Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aquathlon - A great Experience

Activity: Swim 300metres; Run 2.5km
Time: 20:36 (including transition)
Approx swim time: 7:13
Approx run time: 13mins
Approx transition: 23sec

Times will be finalised on net in a few days but I felt comfortable. The water was calm, the weather was cool - ideal conditions for both swimming and running. The most exciting thing happened - Aki and Flashduck entered the long course as a team with Aki swimming in the lake for the very first time and FD doing the run. Aki is so brave to swim 600m in the lake in a race for her very first event - I was most impressed. They both did really well. I felt very happy with my event too - it was relaxed and I felt great on the run. I think this six days a week running lark must agree with me but I'm still hanging out for my rest day tomorrow. Yippee! As we have a party to go to Sat night I've decided to run my 34km on Saturday, not Sunday, to save the early start Sunday although I believe I have a brekkie to go to on Sunday after an 8km run so looks like no sleep ins coming up in the foreseeable future!!


  1. Looks like fun. I'm waiting for the 150m swim/4k run aquathlon. I did go for a swim in the lake this morning after our 31km experience. Swam about 40 metres - the water was so cool and soothing!

  2. I absolutely loooove standing in the cool lake after a long run - you're right Ewen, it's so soothing.

  3. Strewth, it was really good to have your encouragement on the day!

    I'm not training for a marathon but I've found a really interesting half marathon training program that works on endurance. (I only follow the long runs). It also is a stepping stone to the full, but doesn't go that far up. It will help give me more of a base which I have lacked, and can draw on more in the future when I finally get around to doing that thing. :)