Sunday, January 15, 2006

Triathlon Day - 8am

Swim: 300m
Cycle: 8km
Run: 2km
Location: Yarralumla Bay
Approximate time: 38mins

Yes, the distances were short but the adrenalin rush was still there and nerves were high! However the weather conditions were perfect - slightly cool and cloudy and the water was calm. It was the biggest turnout there has ever been for a novice tri - about 350 competitors - and lots of familiar faces. Speedygeoff came down to cheer us on and Flashduck was a marshall on the course. This time I tied a bright orange hand towel on the rack near my bike so I could find it in transition. It was such a help. It was a good race and I enjoyed myself and felt quite comfortable even in the swim. I will have to wait for the official results to be recorded in a few days. It was good to catch up with a number of friends who only seem to come out of the woodwork in triathlon season. The atmosphere at these events is always fantastic. In the afternoon I went to bed and slept for two hours (something unheard of for me) - I think this weekend finally caught up with me!! Later we did some shopping and visited our little grand-daughter. It was a good weekend but I'm still tired.


  1. Sounds like a grear day Strewth.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog today. I really appreciate it.

  2. Great tri Strewth. I hope I can do these things when I'm a grandmother!!!!