Saturday, July 16, 2011

Toughing it out at training!

Last Sunday Teddy and I ran 8km which we tend to do on the days I'm not running with other people and have shorter distances to run. He's getting much better although he is still distracted by other dogs.
On Monday I returned to the speedygeese session at Parliament House. Oh boy, I found it tough! After a couple of warm up loops of PH we were divided into teams of two for the main session. Yelena and I were put together. We ran fast down the diagonal grass in front of PH and straight up the hilly edge (just under 300m), tagged our team member and jogged slowly across the top straight while waiting for them to do the opposite diagonal and run uphill to tag us. The plan was to repeat this 12 times although we only managed nine repeats before the fastest team finished. We finished with a cool down loop of PH. It was of course freezing to start and I wore long pants and long sleeved top although I did strip down to a t-shirt as we warmed up.
Total distance: 8km

Another 8km run with Teddy.

This morning, after a weights session at the gym and a 15mins abs class, I ran with my music, from home down to and round Lake Ginninderra and back again. I haven't run that course for ages and it's also the furthest I've run since before my trip so it was challenging.
Total distance: 15km
Time taken: 1hr 33mins


Tonight I returned to the speedygeese session at Dickson. Brrr, such a cold open place to train. Having said that it was great to meet up with everyone and to welcome a few new people to the session. We started with a couple of warm up laps and then were divided into relay teams of two like on Monday. I was put with Cinea who was brand new to the speedygeese. However, this time one team member ran 300m fast, tagged the other person, then jogged back 100m ready to be tagged after the other team member had run 300m. Again the goal was 12 repeats and we managed 11 although our team finished after everyone else had stopped. We warmed down with a long lap of the oval.

This morning I met up with Andy at the war memorial for a run at the civilized hour of 9.30am. There was lots of cloud cover but it had reached 5deg by that time after minus 2 overnight so I even wore shorts and later in the run was running in a t-shirt instead of long sleeves. Because there was no wind for a change the temperature felt more comfortable although I did keep my gloves on for the duration of the run.
Total distance: 15km
Later Jen joined us for a coffee at the War Memorial and this time the coffee was lovely - yay!


  1. Catherine & I ran past the war memorial twice with a lap of the Ainslie 9.3k in between but didn't see you, or anyone else e.g. Kerrie & her group. Maybe next time? Not sure when we run up there next though.

  2. We ran down to the lake and out past Molonglo speedygeoff so probably ran too late for you as we started much later! Kerrie's group, on the other hand, started at 6.30am I believe!

  3. Hey Ruth, great to see you are back out there training. Hopefully we will catch up on Thursdays. My chronic fatigue is back (clearly I tried to do too much training too soon), so I'm back to just gentle jogging at present :o).

  4. I can't spell. "Katherine" with a "K".

  5. And friday? A day off? You are going to be lazy...

  6. That's why I'm keeping my running going over here. I don't want to have to do a warm-up for the warm-up for the warm-up Monday nights.

    Funny, I saw Katherine H-S's identical twin yesterday (even same outfit) running down by the Charles River.