Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Many Faces of Singapore

Something tells me that we will not be going to sleep early tonight. There are some birthday celebrations happening very loudly outside our window in the hotel courtyard and there is no sign of the noise abating. Last night there was a large group of women only from the French Association (some very stunning ones too much to Mr B's delight) but they were finished and quiet soon after 10pm. Tonight is obviously different so I may as well write up today's blog as sleep will not be forthcoming any time soon. We had our free cocktail at the bar earlier in the evening and perused the drinks menu with interest. One fancy bottle of champagne cost $1,960 - hmmm! We did notice one young girl carrying a bottle of bubbly back to her table in an ice bucket but maybe it was the $78 bottle which was the cheapest on the menu!
This morning we used the remainder of our 24hour open air bus ticket by taking a proper trip to China Town. We had only passed it by yesterday but today we walked through all the little laneways and had a good look. Right in the middle of Chinatown was a Tintin Shop. As Tintin has always appealed to Mr B he really enjoyed checking it out. There was an open air marketplace and although we didn't buy anything we had a lot of fun browsing.
Here we also visited the Buddha Tooth Relic, a beautiful Buddhist Temple. I attired myself in a shawl and long skirt which was supplied upon entry and we walked in barefoot. We were struck by the incredible opulence of this temple. There was so much gold and wealth within the temple and it was stunningly beautiful. There were many worshippers there kneeling in prayer or meditating on prayer mats or on benches in the temple. Individual buddhas were everywhere. The actual Buddha Tooth Relic is in a golden shrine called a stupa and this was enclosed in glass along with all its opulent surroundings. Photos were not allowed of this part of the temple.
Our next trip was by underground train to Harbourside Shopping Complex to catch a train to Sentosa Island. We did spend a little time in the amazing shopping centre but eventually found the entrance to the cable car which travels high in the sky across to Sentosa. I am terrified of heights but I was determined to experience this ride and I really loved it. The views were fantastic and I felt a real high (no pun intended) being up there hanging by a wire looking down on cruise ships and smaller boats below, Sentosa Island in the distance and all the cable cars coming towards us in the air. It was fantastic. 
We stopped at Sentosa Island to eat lunch and walk through the grounds and enjoy the scenery including watching a pretty bride and her groom having their photos taken.
Back to the station to catch the train back to the hotel, a quick shower, our cocktail in the foyer and then we headed out for a western style meal which we really enjoyed for a change. We have eaten chicken, duck and pork with rice for lunch and dinner over the past couple of days and felt like we needed a change. We have passed by several times the very popular restaurant on the corner called the Fish Head Steamboat. Tomorrow we may head back to Little India to try an Indian meal. Tomorrow we may also go for a run! It's just a matter of finding a suitable place and leaving early enough to avoid the intense heat.
Buddhist Temple

Prayer Wheel

Singapore Orchids

Cable car coming in the other direction

One view through the window

Bird life at Sentosa


  1. How could I pay $1,960 a bottle of champagne?
    Interesting photo of the Buddhist Temple!
    I hope you'll enjoy the Indian meal tomorrow!

  2. Even the $78 girl is too rich for me!