Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Speedygeese and some cross training

On Monday I arrived at speedygeese about 25mins before the start to find speedycathy stretching in the carpark. I encouraged her to go for a gentle warm up run with me before the main session and we managed 3.4km before heading back to meet all the speedygeese waiting to start. We ran a warm up loop and then headed for the rose garden. Our main session was 10 x 400m loops with 200m fast on the straight, jogging back to the start for a very short rest before the whistle each time. The speedier geese ran on 2:30 and the rest of us ran on 3mins. We finished with a cool down jog.
Total distance including early warm up: 11km
speedygeese on a cool down on a hill training run recently (photo by Ewen)
Today (Tuesday) is my cross training day. This morning, before work, I swam 1km at the pool and when I arrived home after work it was such a beautiful evening that Mr B and I went for a cycle from home and round the lake. Now I haven't been on my bike for well over 12 months so I even had to relearn the gears. I definitely felt like I was doing a work out and enjoyed the challenge.


  1. Wow - your bike is so small! I have to relearn the gears of my other bikes after riding the single speed to and from work for a week (don't tell anyone).

    1. I'm so short I need a small bike but it's also well over ten years old now too. It's still ok for the amount of cycling I do but if I get enthusiastic .....

  2. Love the colours of the bike, very nice. Excellent cross training to complement the running.