Saturday, December 29, 2007

Breaking the Silence!

Firstly thank you for all your comments and good wishes. I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 will be a year full of fit, healthy injury-free training.

After several visits to the physio and three different diagnosis – the first a Grade II strain to the lateral head of the Biceps Femur(?) muscle, the second a torn hamstring and the latest problems with the sciatica; being prodded, manipulated and stretched on a machine (and I still can’t reach the top shelf in the supermarket!) I am now running very slowly and cautiously off-road and mainly on the flat. Today I ran 10km which has been my longest run since the injury in November. The 8-10 days off running turned into several weeks. I have been on a number of 20-30km cycles and was going to the gym regularly until the last few weeks which have been frantically busy at work.

However, now I just have to increase my distances and speed and am running every second day gently. It still hurts if I push too hard or run on hills so it is going to be a slow process. I am determined to run in the Canberra Marathon in April so I will do this!


  1. Hurrah Strewth's back!!
    "Hills are not your friend" either then.
    Don't worry, we are avoiding hills on Monday nights for the next couple of months.

  2. I have always had the opinion that hills are evil & to be avoided at any cost :-)

    Wonderful to have you back. I hope you had a lovely Christmas & my very best wishes to you & your family for the new year. Thank you sooo much for all your support & encouragement throughout the year.

  3. Hope you have a better 2008. If you are avoiding hills, then I will catch up with you in 2009 when I have retired from the mountains.

  4. Mr B can't reach the top shelf in the supermarket either!

    Central and East Basins are flat :)

    Good to have you back running Strewth. See you soon for an easy run - perhaps the Parly House warm-up?