Monday, December 31, 2007


End-of-year Training Group Dinner - Dec 07

Yesterday afternoon I squeezed into my Speedos (ouch) and accompanied Mr B to the pool. Yes, I actually went for a swim. I can't remember the last time I swam laps. It felt comfortable and refreshing - the ideal occupation when the outside temperature is 34degrees! I managed to swim 1km and felt very proud of myself. Ok, so it took me 30mins but at least it's a start. We then showered quickly and rushed off to the movies to see "Two nights in Paris" - fun!

This morning I ran 12km - yes, slowly but surely I am increasing my distance. There were even some very slight undulations today. I try to run on the grassy verge beside the cycle path when there's grass or gravel available avoiding the concrete surface when possible. My average pace is only 6:28 per km and has been for a while but I'm more concerned about increasing my distance at the moment. The speed can come later when there's no pain, hopefully!

Anyway, we are just going to eat a light meal before rushing off to a friend's party and to see in the New Year. Fortunately our friends live within walking distance so there'll be no problem about who is driving! Happy New Year to you all and have a safe and fun evening if you are celebrating!


  1. Yee-hah, nice photos, typical poses by everyone.
    So who is this alleged friend within walking distance, and will she let you walk home again afterwards?

  2. Happy new year Strewth!

    I hope I can catch up with you & CJ soon !

  3. Roger gets all the girls.

    Rachelle looks like a reindeer :)

    12km is good! Nothing wrong with 6:38/km either.

    Happy New Year Strewth! You'll make it to Canberra. You have to!

  4. I forgot to say that CJ looks like she's about to fall asleep - no wonder she left early.

    We must remember "Go lay Barb's bra by a log" for next time we run with her.

  5. looks like you had fun, except for CJ who might have taken one too many of mother's little helper. who knew?

    and they let ewen sit at the adults' table. brave.