Monday, June 01, 2009

Winter has Begun!

6.15am - RPM at the gym
5.30pm - Run after work round Lake G and back to work.
Total distance: 8.15km
Time taken: 49:34
Average pace per km: 6:06
I was very glad to have a headlight with me as it was very dark indeed on the other side of the lake. In fact I was quite scared all alone out there. I kept imagining someone jumping out of the bushes. My imagination was definitely working overtime! I was very relieved when I returned to the lit side of the lake again.
Thursday - speedygeese training at Dickson Oval
Tonight at training on the cold exposed oval we ran a warm-up loop before our main set of 3 x 1km repeats in similar vein to last week. We didn't stay cold long once we set off. My times this week were slower than last week - oh dear, must be all that extra chocolate that I was still working off from the weekend! How long can I use that excuse?
My km times were 5:01, 5:05, 5:04
Total distance: 7:5km
We finished with a warm down loop and pleasant chat.
Sunday - Monthly Handicap Run
Location: West Stromlo
This was a very undulating (translate that as hilly) run on a very cold morning in Canberra. Of course I warmed up quickly and was comfortable running in a singlet as those hills were pretty tough although there were lots of downhills too.
Total distance: 7.5km
Time taken: 45:55
Average pace per km: 6:06
Handicap group: 21
Finishing Place: 68th (94 finishers)
Today - speedygeese at Parliament House
4.30pm - I made it to the early run before the main training session tonight to run with Ewen and Geoff down to the lake for an 8km loop.
5.30pm - We started again with the rest of the group and ran a couple of loops of PH before the main session on the grass in front of PH. Here we ran 8 x 400m fast with a 100m jog between. Our 400m was made up of running down one side of the grass rectangle across the rectangle and up the hill back to the start then a slow 100m to the next corner. This meant that we started at a different corner of the rectangle each time - challenging but fun and hard work after the hills yesterday and the 8km before the start!
Total distance for the evening: 16km


  1. You can only use that excuse when you return from OS!

    Good description of last night, but you forgot all the jokes that were told on the warm-up run :)

  2. I also forgot the very last part of the cool down when we ran to the top of the grassy hill at PH and were rewarded with the fabulous view of the city lights from the top!

  3. An average pace of 6:06 per km during an undulating run: it is a good training.

    When you visited Civitavecchia I meet two your Australian friends too. I don't remember their names. The women was a runner and her husband didn't like to go running. But I remember she signed her posts as "CJ". I'm asking this because I haven't seen her comments on runner's blogs, above all your and Stefano's blog. Maybe she is not running now.

    Today, the 2nd of Juin, is public national holiday here: We celebrate the Italian Republic.

    Best regards