Monday, June 14, 2010

A Slow Return!

I am slowly returning to running after a hip injury and a continuing hamstring problem. Injuries are a pain literally and I have been walking/running very slowly every second day. I ran/walked 11km with Ewen on Saturday followed by a great catch up coffee with Liz, Victoria, Andy and Ewen. I have been really missing running with the speedygeese and do hope to return gradually to proper training next week.

Today I managed to run an hour without stopping so I guess that's progress finally. However, I can't imagine running the Gold Coast Half in a few weeks so I still expect to have to downgrade to the 10km and even that will be slow. I am finding this very frustrating indeed.

On the upside my new little labradoodle puppy Teddy came to live at our home on Saturday (just 8 weeks old) and he has settled in very quickly. He's funny, cuddly and ever so cute. I'm really looking forward to the day he'll be able to run with me. So far I have managed to persuade him to walk to the corner and back (only about 5 houses away) so it could take a while!!
Photos: A Bali temple, Teddy our puppy, notsospeedy geese at a massage parlour, Balinese woodcarver


  1. Teddy is almost as cute as those massage parlour geese.

    An hour of running is all you need - you can get fit on that. And the 10k at Gold Coast is an upgrade! - all the good runners race the 10k ;)

  2. Take care and don't push. One day off or a little of slow down often prevent another injury. A big "ciao" and a warm welcome to Teddy.

  3. yes, the pain of not running or not running at your expectations is very hard. If you went an hour without stopping you are doing very well.

    Your new puppy is adorable.