Sunday, June 06, 2010

Reflections from a Senior Citizen

I qualified for the above title a couple of weeks ago when I celebrated my 60th birthday in Bali. It was a lovely relaxing week with massages, cocktails, swimming and lots of long walks. The temperature was 31deg every day but we did encounter daily storms and overcast skies. The Balinese people are delightful, always smiling and friendly.

After a visit to the physio just before the trip I was advised not to run until visiting him on my return. This I did on Wed and was told to just run/walk a maximum of 40mins every second day until I see him again this coming Wed. To make matters worse I went to Bali with a sore throat which gradually became worse and this past week back in Canberra it has turned into a nasty cold. I have also been advised that my current part-time job, where I have been working for just over 12 months, is being reinvented into a full-time position and consequently as from Friday I will be retiring for the second time, for a few weeks anyway as I'm sure I will continue to work somewhere else for a few days a week.

However, I do have some exciting news. From next weekend I will have a new addition joining our family in the shape of a cute cuddly puppy called Teddy. Teddy is a gift from my children for my birthday and he is just beautiful. He is a labrador crossed with a poodle and as his mum is a gorgeous gentle dog I am hoping for the same - no doubt with a little puppy mischief on the way!!

Yesterday I ran/walked my first 40mins and it was uncomfortable and strange. I will run again in the morning but it is frustrating as I have been advised not to return to training sessions for a while. As I have entered the Gold Coast Half Marathon already I may have to do a re-think nearer the event and change to the 10km race instead perhaps.


  1. Hi Ruthie...lovely photos...and Teddy is a cute puppy!

    Just beware the GC 10k is on the Saturday this year!

  2. It's a jungle out there... and a beach... and a market. Looks like you had a great time.

    You can learn to run again with Teddy!

  3. Welcome home Ruth.

    Teddy is gorgeous!!!!!

    1/2 marathon, 10km, neither? The Gold Coast will be a great coffee weekend regardless!

    See you this Sat for coffee training??

  4. A big hello to Teddy, In Bali too? You are a world traveller. Beautiful pictures.

  5. What a lovely birthday present! A holiday in Bali and now Teddy! Lovely photos of the three of you...Woof! Woof!