Monday, May 17, 2010

A Shorter Session with the speedygeese!

Tonight I arrived at training in time for the main session only. My hip is painful and I am being a bit careful until I have advice from the physio on Wednesday.
We ran two loops of Parliament House before the main session which was one practice loop then three 954m undulating loops incorporating a different exercise station on each loop - push-ups, chin-ups and tricep dips - eight of each.
We then ran a cool-down loop. It was really dark down there on the trails so it was good that a few of us had headlamps to light the way.
Total distance: 8km


  1. You did eight chin-ups? That means you thrashed Jen. Well done!

  2. Hope the Physio gave you good news about your hip, Ruth! Take it easy till improved & thanks for lovely comments on my blog; sure helps keep me motivated to do whatever comes next!

  3. Great to catch up for post run coffee today Ruth. Am sure your Bali holidays will be good for your hip and the rest of you! Enjoy! Catch up when you get back.

  4. Be carefull if you have a little pain. But you are a runner and I am sure that you never slow down.