Saturday, May 08, 2010

Easing slowly back into it!

This morning I met up with Ewen at Molonglo at 9am - a very civilized hour for a run in the sun. It was a stunning morning - we ran on the sunny side of the trails and although the temperature was still only a few degrees at that time of day, it was very pleasant in the sunshine. We ran from Molonglo and past Campbell Park offices on the trails towards Mt Ainslie. It was pleasant, slow and fun. I was aware of the pain in my hamstring but it is definitely improving. It was good to run slowly and Ewen didn't seem to mind.
Later we met up with Liz at Campbell Shops for coffee where Andy joined us after his 23km run at the Cotter.
Total distance: 11km
Later still we drove out past Collector (about 40mins drive) for a wonderful family lunch at Grandma's Little Bakery - absolutely beautiful spot overlooking lots of little olive trees which are grown there. The countryside looked almost Tuscany-like - just lovely on a sunny Autumn day.


  1. 9am is very civilized! As was the post run coffee :)

  2. Running for coffee is a great incentive and a fab way to spend sat am.

    Hope you've had a nice Mother's Day Ruth.

  3. I agree 09.00 a.m. is the best hour to enjoy a run. Great pics and congrats again for your marathon.