Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday training with the speedygeese

Tonight at Dickson Oval training we ran a couple of warm-up loops before running 850m repeats on handicaps. I started the first couple at zero handicap because my hamstring was hurting and I thought it would slow me down. However, after winning the first two repeats speedychief rehandicapped a few of us and gave me a handicap of 30secs for the next two repeats. I still won on the next 850m just sprinting past Caroline at the end but she was a long way ahead of me in the last round as she had truly warmed up by then!
My first 850m was 4:28, next 4:17, next 4:10 and last one 4:08.
Total distance: 7.5km
Strangely once I had warmed up properly my hamstring didn't feel so bad and I found I could push myself.
It was a cold night but very still and we became warm quite quickly!

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  1. Each one being faster is impressive! Glad the hammy is doing the right thing.