Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday run from War Memorial

This morning I ran on my own from the war memorial, down to the lake and to the ferry terminal where speedygeoff caught my attention as he was doing some warm up moves there. He pulled off his jumper and long pants and joined me for about 6km of my run. It was lovely to have some company. We ran to and round the museum and back to the ferry terminal where he left me and I continued on back to the war memorial. It was a stunning Autumn day in Canberra - blue sky, no wind and bright sunshine.I ran comfortably in singlet and shorts.
Distance: 10km plus 1.3km warm up untimed = 11.3km total
Time taken: 60mins for 10km
Average pace per km: 6mins
After my run I headed for the cafe to meet up with Emma P and Ewen for coffee and a very long catch up chat sitting outside in the sunshine. It was very pleasant indeed.

This weather is just so lovely at the moment and Teddy dog is really appreciating some very long walks as he gives me a good excuse to enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Yes, it was a perfect morning. You were quick too! How come you're running 6 minute ks alone but 6:30s with us? Do we talk too much or something?

  2. Stunnning autumn day? Yep, just six months to go. I can't wait! All those autumn goslings with their mother swans!

  3. Oops I'm in the wrong hemisphere - thanks speedygeoff! Tee hee and it's not even Spring yet although it feels a bit like it lately!! Oh the joys of old age hmmmm!!

  4. Ewen - you haven't run with me for so long I've forgotten!! Do we talk??