Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday work out!

This morning at the gym, after a warm-up on the cross trainer and 20 push ups, I worked on my back and triceps for 30minutes and did lots more push ups before taking part in a Yoga Fusion class. This is normally a Body Balance session but we had a stand-in leader today who took us for Yoga Fusion instead. There was heaps of very intensive stretching involved and parts of my body are still really sore from it. I'm not too sure if it did me any good or not! However, after hanging out the washing, I headed for Woden for the BBQ Stakes handicap. It had reached a sunny 20degrees by mid-day and felt a lot hotter than usual for the hilly run. Andy ran with me and Jen ran with Kerrie in a much later group. My handicap had been put back to 5:45 as I ran a PB last week. I was 19secs slower today but I still ran as fast as I could. I think the opposite direction which we ran last week suits me better!
Total distance: 6km (plus warm up)
Time taken: 35:04
Later, after a great catch up with Jen and Andy with coffee and lunch, I took Teddy for a pleasant walk in the sunshine. The weather is beaut if the wind doesn't blow.


  1. I've been knocked flat by this post Melb Marathon headcold - UGH! I hope to be over it enough to jog next Wed's BBQ stakes. If not, the following Wed ....

  2. I saw Jen today - down at the Rec Place coffee spot. She apologised for leaving you and running off with Kerrie. Said she'd jog slowly tomorrow. I'll believe that when I see it!

  3. It's easy to see that you did a good training, Strewth.
    Have a nice weekend!