Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Start from Now!

On Monday I swam 1200m made up of 1km without a break followed by a 200m cool down. This was followed by a long walk with Teddy.  Then Tuesday it was off to Tuesday group with Margaret at Black Mountain peninsula meeting up with old friends and new. Marg and I tried to stick to the flat when possible  and jogged 10km in total, my longest run since my illness. It was a very slow pace but I was happy to jog that distance. Of course I still had to walk my 5km with Teddy later in the day. This morning I went for a 5km run before spending my day being an Avon lady and of course Teddy didn't miss out! I ran just a little faster than I have been. Maybe one of these days I will be able to record my pace without shame! I can only get faster surely! It's been a cloudy windy day but the sun has been very warm in patches and the temperature reached 27deg which is very pleasant. This is a good time of year apart from the wind!          
Busselton triathlon Western Australia May 2012

Bike transition at Busselton

Run leg in Busselton tri

Mr B on bike leg at Busselton tri

Mr bringing bike into transition at Busselton triathlon

Mr B on cycle leg in Auckland triathlon

Mr B sporting his medal from the World Age Group Championships in Auckland October 2012


  1. So is today day #2 of your #runstreak? Remember, don't do the walk at Vets track tomorrow faster than your running pace!

    Mr B is bloody fit - wouldn't go away yesterday!

  2. Hey Strewth. Your blog says 21/11 was the start of your return to blogging but .... we haven't seen/heard from you since. Hope life and running is going well for you. You all good for post run coffee on Sat 15/12 @ the war memorial?? Am hoping Ewen, CJ et al will join us - yes??

    1. Liz, I would love to join you all for a pre-Christmas coffee on 15th. Just need to make sure I don't have to fly to NZ in a hurry. Will confirm nearer the day. x

  3. I hope everything, such as family, life and running shape, is going well, Strewth.
    That green and yellow Australian outfit is really beautiful!
    I'd like to join you for that pre-Christmas coffee :) Best regards!

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