Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Slow Return to Fitness!

My specialist managed to organise an early appointment for me with another cardiologist. Thus I had my echogram (an ultrasound on the heart) last week and it appears to be all clear. The specialist will discuss the results at my next appointment later in the month but I am confident that all is well and I am consequently trying to run a little faster. 
At the moment I run 5 or 6km each day except Fridays when I just go to Body Balance at the gym. I try to swim once or twice a week and on Tuesdays I run at Tuesday group which starts at Black Mountain peninsula. That is usually a slow distance of about 8km.
Hopefully if I keep running regularly and stick to short distances my time will improve. Once I can run instead of jog at a reasonable pace I will return to the speedygeese training and increase my distance  but currently I'm just too embarrassingly slow to be able to take part. 
I have a lot of work to do as I have registered for the New York marathon in November next year. Earlier in the year I will be aiming to run several half marathons in Canberra. Fingers crossed my body will let me and my speed, strength and endurance will make an enormous improvement by the start of next year.
 Photos of school house and Doc Martin's house in Cornwall


  1. Doc Martin was compulsory viewing at Wagga.

    That's all good news. When your runs are faster than your track walks you'll have turned the corner!

  2. Good to hear the cardiologist news :) Take it easy coming back. You have plenty of time. No hurry.