Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starting the week the right way!

Monday I tried a new class at the gym so that I could join Miranda. It was a crossworks/balance class. The first half concentrated on abs and upper body strength using fitness bands. The second half was a speeded up body balance class. There was some difficult stretching and twisting involved in the first half of the class and I think I may have pulled something so I may give this class a miss until after the marathon. I have managed to book a few remedial massages over the next few weeks starting tomorrow. I am a bit sore in places! I could be more sore after the massage!
I made it to the early speedygeese warm up run with Miranda and speedygeoff before the main session where there was another good turnout. Jen had run the 45km Six Foot Track in the weekend and needed to recover so she took photos from the side which worked out well. We were divided initially into teams of three and had zigzag relays down the grassy bank and up the straights. In the first half we ran down the diagonals where we were tagged by our team member then ran as fast as we could up the straights. While waiting to be tagged we jogged across the short ends of the oval shaped bank. For the second half of our session we were divided into teams of two (I stayed with Susan) and we had an extra length to run which meant we ran fast down the diagonals and up the straights before we were tagged.  It's always a fun session and this was no exception. After our cool down most of us headed for dinner at the yacht club - a lovely social evening.
Total distance: 10km
Miranda, speedygeoff and strewth heading back to Parliament House

Tagging Susan as I run up the straight.
This morning I ran down to Lake Ginninderra and around it and back the same way to make a total of 15km - a good way to start the day before my afternoon shift at work.


  1. That was a fun session. Yes, be careful with strange activities until after the marathon. No steeplechases or cyclo-cross races!

    1. Heehee - will definitely NOT be tempted to do any cyclo-cross races Ewen!

  2. You are working well and I am sure you will run a good marathon.