Sunday, April 05, 2015

Back to Jogalong on Easter Sunday

With only a week to go until the Canberra Marathon I am now in taper mode. However, this morning, on Easter Sunday and with no more daylight saving, I had a text from friend Margaret suggesting we run the jogalong at Weston Park today. I haven't done this run for several years. It's a women's and girls' handicapped 6km run held on the first Sunday of each month and it was such fun to meet up with lots of running buddies, some of whom have been running this event for many, many years. Way back in the 90's I ran over 50 of these runs and even had a t-shirt to prove it but somehow other events got in the way, the course moved location several times and I just never returned. I had forgotten what a great well-organised run this is and will return to do it again, possibly next month.
I ran off from the same handicap as Margaret, Group 27 and interestingly finished in 27th place in a time of 35minutes 49seconds. In 2003 I ran the 6km in 31minutes on a different course and probably a more difficult one. I realise 12 years later I have slowed down considerably!
Since my last post I have also run the Weston Creek Half Marathon and managed to better my last year's time by 2 minutes. My time was still a slow 2hours 9 minutes but I felt comfortable and happy for the majority of the run although my left hamstring still twinged at times as it did again today. I just hope I can get through the marathon without mishap!
My last long run was the week after the half and track season has now finished too. This Easter weekend has been full of lovely family activities and tomorrow Mr B and I are taking two of our grandchildren to the folk festival held annually over Easter in Canberra. This is somewhere else we haven't been for many years. Nothing like a few different activities to keep life interesting!

Now for countdown - seven more sleeps! It never gets easier!

 Our 8 year old grandson running a PB at Parkrun with his dad


  1. Tapering a magic word. It means that you are ready for the marathon and don't feel yourself guilty because in this week you run slower than usual and less miles.
    Congrats to your grandson and good luck on the marathon.

    1. Thank you Stefano. I just have to remember not to eat as though I'm still running long distances!

  2. Only two more sleeps! Bet you're feeling 20 years younger after the taper :) Will look out for you Sunday - I'll probably be on my bike to get around the course. Also have a recipe from Garry to give to you - next PH session.

    1. Thanks Ewen. It was great to see you out there running on Sunday! Looking forward to getting that recipe - don't lose it before we catch up!