Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'He is My Everything'!

Tomorrow I have been married 37 years to the same wonderful caring man who has learnt to share my love of running and fitness and understands my idiosyncrasies. To quote a well-known movie which we both enjoyed, "he completes me". I am indeed very blessed!
Last weekend we both competed in the City to Surf. I was excited with my time on Gandalf which stated I ran it in 78:43 which would have been a PB by 1min. However, in the paper it tells me my chip time (my official time) is actually 80:25. How can this be, I wonder? Is Gandalf speeding me up? I pressed the start as I ran across the timing pad at the start line. How mysterious and how frustrating. Mr B ran a PB in 70:58 and is obviously very happy with that. We both enjoyed the run. I felt the hills at the start but after settling in to my rhythm barely noticed heartbreak hill. The most difficult part for me was wending my way around so many people, purportedly 70,000 starters. The morning dawned very cool but the conditions were actually ideal with no wind and definitely not too hot. Later in the day it poured with rain and turned extremely cold so we were very lucky to have had a clear morning. We saw a lot of familiar faces out there, a large contingency of Canberrans. We spent a lot of hours later just watching the Olympics on the telly in the hotel room - very relaxing.
Stats from Gandalf 2
Distance: 14.12km
Time taken: 78:43 (official chip time: 80:25)
Average pace per km: 5:34
Calories burned: 824
Fastest km: 4:50
This afternoon Ewen was unable to join me for my mid-week run so I took my courage in my hands and ran on my own. I didn't start out until 5.15pm which was later than usual but I took my ipod for company and at the half-way point turned on my headlamp. I also wore ear warmers and was very glad of them on my return journey. My right leg has been playing up and is stiff and sore causing me problems sleeping. It was ok running C2S although it was aching the day before. On my run this evening it hurt for the first 5km then seemed to settle down and I managed to complete the run comfortably. By the time I reached Molonglo Reach it was dark and I turned on my headlamp. The second half of the run was tough. There was a bitterly cold fierce headwind and it was dark and I was a tad scared out there on my own. My imagination was working overtime and I turned my music up loud to drown out the noise of the wind! Ewen, I missed you out there - don't leave me alone again - eeeeeek! However, I made it home in record time avoiding a few potholes and running as fast as possible to try to find some light. I can't say I particularly enjoyed the experience but I'm glad I did it! It was very necessary as I have to squeeze into a new little black dress for an awards night tomorrow night! This of course means that I will miss training AND that Mr B and I will have to celebrate our anniversary dinner on Sat night instead!!
Distance: 14km
Time taken: 1:22:24
Average pace per km: 5:52
Calories burned: 829
Fastest km: 5:34
My son has sent me an interesting link to an article about how running after 50 slows the aging process. This seems to me a very good reason to continue running! Take a look


  1. happy animalversary to you two. now dim the lights, schmoopies.

  2. Sorry I missed you on Sunday. Well done!

    Those spinning sessions must be doing you the world of good if you hardly noticed Heartbreak Hill. Either that or you some crazy running freak!

    Happy Anniversary :)

  3. grog? jog.
    fun? run.
    spin? win.
    After such a good result you will go well in the 10k fun run coming up. Get a timing chip that works, this time! C2S should try another chip company.

  4. Happy Anniversary! You've been together as long as the C2S has been going - that's a looooooong time.

    I was almost glad not to be running Wednesday - it looked to be as cold as standing around in a singlet after the C2S.

    Sorry about Gandalf 2. You didn't have him on 'autopause', and resting in the tunnel?

  5. 37 years?? Wow. That is amazing & wonderful. Our congrats to you both,

    Jen & Rommel xx

  6. Three days off work and I was a wreck, you still won't get much sympathy from me for being injured, especially self inflicted. Silly me for not thinking Canberra was cold in winter, I must make a permanent booking to go north from May til Sept. Spring is almost here, and I do have 2 weeks in Qld again in early Sept. and a week off in Oct as well.