Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our time is running out!

This will be my last opportunity to blog from Italy so I will grab the moment. As seems to be the way today, being our last day in Chianti, has been superb - hot and sunny, just gorgeous. First thing this morning Dave went for a 36km bike ride, Mandy went for a 6km walk and I went for a 10km run, discovering some lovely little country detours and I didn't even become lost - woo hoo! It was quite magical. I must admit I did a quick detour when I spotted a dog on one of the farm roads - no, we won't risk that one after last year's little episode!
Back to Wed after lunch when we went for a lovely drive exploring some of the Chianti towns. Lecchi and Gaioli were both closed. Some towns are closed on Wednesdays which may have explained it. Instead we drove on to Castellina and walked through the township remembering how pretty it was from last year's trip. It is the most medieval of the Chianti towns and we walked through a tunnel-like road with little windows overlooking the countryside. This was a soldiers' walk when it was Florence's last outpost before Siena.
In the evening we returned to Radda where we found a delightful little tucked-away restaurant. The service was slow but the ambience was lovely and the food and wine delicious.

Thursday 9 October
In the morning we drove to Siena to organise tickets to Chiusi then Rome for Mandy and me on Saturday morning and we drove on to some factory outlets for a browse and to enjoy hot chocolate from the Lindt chocolate outlet and a light lunch before returning to Siena for an explore. We sat in the sunshine in the Piazza del Campo enjoying campari and soda and loving the fact that the sun was actually warm. We roamed the lovely little alleys and streets and had a great day before returning to Radda for a giant (and I mean GIANT) pizza between the three of us at a local pizza restaurant with local wine and some locals generally chatting away to us with little bits of English and our little bit of Italian - great fun.
And so back to today, Friday, we have finally booked our hotel on the internet after some difficulty. Now we will have a last glass of local wine in the sunshine and enjoy our passeggiata before the horrendous task of packing our bags commences - oh dear!


  1. The sweet coloured Chianti hills. October is the best month to run there. I am sure you enjoied your italian vacation.

  2. They close towns in Italy? Sounds just like Tasmania.

    Have a great/safe trip. Keep your seatbelts on! Good to see you're up to double-figure runs :)