Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Return of the wayward blogger!

As we approach the end of December it is time to update my blog once again. A big thank you to Susan and Ewen who have helped me sort out my lost header and motivated me to return to my long overdue blogging. I have continued running, gym sessions and training including speedygeoff's sessions and Ewen's drills. It would be too tedious to record them for the past three weeks so once more I will start fresh and restart my blog from yesterday.

However, I will include my total distances over the past few weeks to help me compare them when I check this space next year!
Week ending Sun 13 Dec: 68km
Week ending Sun 20 Dec: 55km
Week ending Sun 27 Dec: 33km (oh dear - that was Christmas week!)
Monday 28 December
Early run with a few speedygeese: 7km
Main session at 5.30pm: We ran relays from the Rose Garden Steps, a repeat of our last week's session: teams of two running two laps fast and one lap slow, repeated over and over for 20 minutes. My team member was Jodie. It was good fun but hard work especially running up the steps on the course.
Total distance for day: 14km
Belated Christmas wishes to you all! I know I will now need to run that little bit further to counteract that over- indulgence to which most of us succumb!


  1. Welcome back :-)

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas & best wishes for the new year. Hope to catch up with you again next month; we are coming down for the Olympic tri race on the weekend of 23-24!


  2. Sounds like a coffee opportunity!

    Yes, that Christmas week is always a tough one - especially with Mum's cooking!