Thursday, December 03, 2009

A New Starter for our Wednesday Group

Tuesday - Run and Drills
As I was on rostered duty at the cross country run in the afternoon I decided to give the gym a miss and do my Peter Magill drills this morning before work. I ran 2.5km to a reasonable oval and selected a flattish grassy area of about 50-60m:

3 repeats of the following jogging or walking back to the start each time
  • 3 x strides to start then 1 length of strides between each set
  • schoolyard skipping
  • high skips
  • flat foot marching
  • carioca (left and right - slight improvement I think but still a bit weird - good for the hips)
  • high knees
  • butt kicks
Then I ran home. As my hammie was a bit dodgy I omitted the skip kicks this time.
Distance: 8.5km

After doing my roster duty at the cross country by recording names before and after the event and inserting ID numbers I joined Ewen and Maria for a short warm-down run - great conditions.
Distance: 4km
Total distance for day: 12.5km

6.15am- RPM at gym
7am - 15mins abs class
5.45pm - Run from Parliament House
Tonight Richard joined Jen, Andy, Ewen and I for a pleasant run past the National Gallery and on to Lake BG anti-clockwise through the Wetlands, Molonglo Reach and back via Kings Ave Bridge. The temperature was at its hottest for the day but was a very manageable 24deg - still and beautiful. We discussed plans for our picnic/bbq next Wed. It was fun and great company as always.
Total distance: 12.5km
Time taken: 1:18:34
Average pace per km: 6:17
Calories burned: 729


  1. We should make the carioca a duet sometime, Ruth....and have people pay to look! My version is quite original & nothing but hilarious!!

  2. On the other hand, Ruth's is improving - she's a good student ;)

    BTW, since when does Maria look like Cathy M?

  3. Oopsidaisy - blame it on senility - I meant Maria!!!

  4. Couldn't be that Geoff - it was cool last Tuesday.