Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wet Training Session!

At about 4.25pm in true Canberra style it rained just in time for the early warm-up for training. Helen, Craig, speedygeoff and Ewen were the other starters and we ran in spray jackets through the rain to the yacht club and back to PH in less time than it usually takes for our 8km warm-up, probably due to the drop in temperature and the rain soaking us through. We arrived back at PH thoroughly soaked to the skin. I only wore a spray jacket and that doesn't stop heavy rain. However, I had brought a spare singlet and shorts with me so could at least change into something drier before the main session at 5.30pm.

It was a pretty small turn-out for the main session, just the hardy ones willing to run in the rain. The rain stopped and started and didn't fall nearly as heavily as earlier. In fact the sun came out in very brief patches. After our warm-up loops of PH we ran a tempo run of 5 x 935m fast, slow, fast, slow. In my case I only ran 4 loops as I had to answer a call of nature. However, I still managed to run 8.35km for our main session. The ground was muddy and very slippery in parts so was treated with due caution.

Total distance: 16:35km
Calories burned: 960

Photo: Proud recipient of the Bronze medal in the Vets' Handicap at Weston Park. That's me on the right!


  1. Now if you'd been in the middle, you'd have been a rose between two thorns ;)

  2. Next time, pass them! You can do it!

  3. And the smile matches the Bling.

  4. Don't let the training fall off before the next handicap, you'll need to overcome a backward start group shift.